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5 ways to make your New Hotel more sustainable

Gone are the days when people used to utilize resources inefficiently and did not care about the environment around. Nowadays, people are very much aware of the environmental impact of their activities and even expect the hotels and other such establishments to fulfill certain standards of sustainability. If you are new in the accommodation business then a good way to boost your business would be to look for ways in which your hotel can become environment friendly. You must show your eco-conscious customers that you care for the environment and are dedicated towards your efforts to safeguard the quality of the already degrading environment. The post below highlights 5 ways in which your new hotel can become sustainable and gain popularity among the eco-friendly people.

Encourage your staff to become sustainable

The ultimate success of any of your sustainability initiatives will depend on the commitment of your staff. Until and unless the people working for you follow and abide by the sustainability standards you want to establish for your hotel, you cannot expect any of your ideas/programs to work. Incentives can go a long way in encouraging your staff to maintain a clean and green environment in your hotel. Give them financial rewards, gift cards or coupons; recognize their efforts by providing them with certificates or plaques. You can even posts signs and charts in different areas of your hotel to help your employees remember their duty as an environmentally responsible person. Organize seminars, talks, conferences, activities etc. which will inculcate ideas of sustainability in the minds of your staff members. Building an eco-friendly work culture will allow your hotel to become sustainable in the most effective manner.

Embrace eco-friendly lighting options

Public areas in your hotel such as the lobby, corridors, parking lot etc. obviously have to remain well-lighted and lights in these areas are normally left switched on for many hours at a stretch. This usually leads to inefficient use of energy. So what you can do to stay sustainable is invest in lights which have in-built occupancy sensors. Such lights will work only when they are actually needed and help decrease your hotel’s energy use levels to a considerable extent. Another simple and cost effective lighting option that can make your hotel sustainable is the usage of LED lights. The up-front cost associated with LED lights is no doubt expensive for a hotel but once you invest in LEDs you will reap benefits in terms of reduced energy consumption.

Opt for sustainable food services

Food services offered by your hotel can be made top-notch by adopting certain green initiatives. Fruits, vegetables, herbs etc. that are grown locally and organically should be used in your hotel’s kitchen. Instead of buying organic fruits and vegetables, you can simply grow a garden in order to get hold of fresh produce. While purchasing any food products, check for appropriate food labels which indicate that the food is organic and was produced in an eco-friendly manner. Reusable items like ceramic dishes, glass cups, cloth napkins etc. can be provided with your hotel’s food services. In case there is leftover food you can simply donate it to a non-profit organization. You even have the option of composting the leftover food. Your kitchen staff should be motivated to adopt energy-efficient cooking appliances and methods like using pressure cookers, microwave ovens, right-sized pans etc. Your hotel’s menu must integrate natural, hormone free and organic produce to offer healthier food options to your guests.

Adopt effective water conservation techniques

As a hotel owner, you should have strong moral and commercial imperatives for reducing water wastage so that scarcity of water can be avoided and cost associated with water can be decreased. You will have to measure your hotel’s water consumption and recognize areas in which water use has to be reduced. In case there are any wasteful water equipments installed in your hotel then you should get them replaced as soon as possible. You can install low-flow sinks, water-efficient showerheads, toilets and faucet aerators in your hotel. Rainwater can be harvested for doing the laundry. Grey water from laundry, showers, sinks etc. can be utilized to water lawns in your hotel. Regular maintenance of different equipments in the bathroom should be done diligently.  Encourage your guests to keep a tab on their water usage levels by communicating to them the efforts your hotel has taken towards conserving water.

Keep a track of all your sustainability initiatives

Once your hotel adopts a sustainability initiative it is essential that you keep a check on how it is working. This is important because you will get the opportunity to modify the initiative in case it is failing to work. A committee can be established in your hotel to keep a track of the green activities and efforts. You can ask your employees to submit suggestions in relation to the working of any green, clean initiatives. Monitoring all of your hotel’s sustainability efforts will help you understand how you are making a difference in this world and encourage you to work with more zeal and enthusiasm.

So listen to your eco-conscious self and make informed choices so that your hotel business can flourish economically and expediently.


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